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Building Conservation and Environment: commissioning useful research and understanding practical results: Lecture given at the Cathedrals Building Performance Conference, June 2014


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The Wall Paintings of the Guild Chapel, Stratford upon Avon, February 2016

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Mary's Church, Bartlow, July 2014

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Mary's Church, Fowlmere, March 2011

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Mary's Church, Astley, Warwickshire, November 2010

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at Wimborne Minster, Dorset, November 2008

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Botolph's Church, Cambridge, July 2008

G.F.Bodley's Painted Decoration at St Peter's Church, Sudbury, the Churches Conservation Trust, July 2007

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Mary's Church, Yelden, Bedfordshire, June 2007

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Mary's Church, Houghton on the Hill, Norfolk, November 2006

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at Ilketshall St Andrew, Suffolk, September 2005

The Conservation of the Wall Paintings at St Mary and All Saints' Church, Willingham, Cambridgeshire, June 2005

The Conservation of the Polychrome Decoration in the Entrance Hall of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, poster for the David Urwin Awards 2004

Conservation of the painted decoration on the Dyer Monument, St Andrew's Church, Great Staughton, poster for display in the church, 2002