Next to mechanical factors, adverse environmental conditions are the most significant cause of deterioration for historic buildings and collections. Whether a project involves the development of an historic site to encourage greater visitor use or simple changes to a heating system, the impact on the building environment can be considerable and the resulting damage severe.

Tobit Curteis Associates is a leader in the field of environmental survey and monitoring techniques for the study of historic building performance and environment and the diagnosis and control of deterioration in buildings and collections.

No two historic sites are identical and our approach is to identify the issues that are relevant to the specific case and to use the most practical and cost effective techniques to undertake the necessary investigations. In many cases this may simply be a building assessment with thermal imaging and superficial moisture readings. More complex cases may require more in depth analysis, including core sampling, materials analysis, air leakage assessment, light and UV surveys and long term environmental monitoring.

We work closely with the client and other building professionals to ensure that information and recommendations resulting from the investigations are of the most practical use for the conservation of the building and collection.

Canterbury Cathedral South West porch water penetration through wall
Lindisfarne Castle Environment

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