A key element of the environmental survey and investigation carried out by Tobit Curteis Associates is environmental monitoring. This may be as part of a diagnostic study, investigating and controlling specific deterioration, or to provide background environmental data for the management of museums and collections.

All monitoring programmes are developed as part of an overall approach to the conservation of a site and may involve gathering data on parameters including humidity, temperature, airflow, weather, visible light and UV radiation, liquid water, structural movement, below ground water, surface wetness, dust and particulates, or the use of time lapse imaging for tracking sunlight distribution or visitor routes.

Programmes can last from a matter of days to many years and may be used to provide diagnostic data for the control of specific failures, to provide the data required for the design of complex exhibitions, or to provide long term background monitoring for the conservation management of a site.

We regularly work with museums and institutions housing sensitive historic collections to develop environmental monitoring and control systems and to provide training for in house conservators and buildings managers for environmental monitoring and management. We also provide long term support and guidance for institutions running their own monitoring programmes.

Environmental Monitoring System St Paul's Cathedral Model
Relative Humidity and Temperature data
Knole East Range IR & Monitoring

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