Environmental factors are a key aspect of the deterioration of historic stained glass and identifying and controlling microclimatic damage is now regarded as an essential part of the conservation process.

Tobit Curteis Associates works closely with leading stained glass conservators on the investigation and control of environmental causes of deterioration for historic glazing. We regard the environmental deterioration of stained glass as being integrally linked to the overall building environment and that the control of the deterioration of the glass can only be successfully achieved by taking an holistic approach to environmental control in the building as a whole.

Research in this area includes the study of existing conditions and evaluation of factors including rainfall and solar exposure to airflow, condensation and heating. We work closely with conservators on the development of control measures, including protective secondary glazing (isothermal glazing) and the testing and monitoring of new designs and existing systems.

Tobit Curteis Associates has been undertaking research for Historic England on the design and use of protective glazing in historic buildings which will be published as a Research Transaction in 2016.

Canterbury Cathedral
CFG airflow

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