The conservation of historic wall paintings and architectural polychromy is a key part of our practice.

Our work includes the surveying, recording and documentation of paintings and polychromy, materials analysis and testing and research into underlying causes of deterioration and control measures, as well as conservation treatment itself. Following the treatment phase we advise on long term preventive conservation measures in order to control deterioration and ensure the long term conservation of the paintings.

Tools used in investigations involve high resolution digital imaging, UV imaging, materials analysis and environmental survey.

In addition to our in house team we work closely with specialist freelance conservators to provide experience in all relevant areas of conservation.

In conjunction with conservation research and treatment we undertake education and engagement activities, including tours and lectures for projects in progress and the preparation of posters and guide booklets in order to ensure that the project engages the widest community interest.

We regard our role not simply as conservators but as part of the project team developing the project from concept stage to completion, working closely with our clients on project design, as well as on fund raising and grant applications.

St Paul and the Viper Canterbury Cathedral
Materials analysis wall painitng treatment

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